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Contact with other students

Especially in the beginning it might be difficult to get in contact with other German students – they already know each other and have a closed circle of friends. Don’t be shy; just approach the students around you.

The International Office offers the possibility to be part of the LMU Buddy Program.

Contact with lecturers

All lecturers at LMU offer so-called Sprechstunden (office hours). The times can be gleaned from the website of the Institute under "Personen". During office hours you can simply go to the Department and meet with your lecturer (except when it says “nach Vereinbarung,” which requires an appointment beforehand).

Should you be unable to make it to the office hours, you can talk to your lecturer after the course or email him/her to ask for an alternative time.

IMPORTANT: Never to go to a lecturer outside of their office hours without prior appointment.

You can always write an email to your lecturers. It is best to use a reliable email service (you cannot fail with your campus address or the address of your home university). It makes sense to fill out the subject line in a lucid manner (instead of “Question” it is better to write “Length of assignment in seminar”).


The cliché is true: Germans are rather punctual. Nobody is pleased when students show up late, be it for a course or an excursion. Remember: Munich is a big city and LMU is a big university. You will get lost, particularly during the beginning of your stay. This is why we recommend allowing for some extra time in your schedule and making sure you know how to get to where you are going.

Should you run late in spite of it all, try to let it be known: You could text another student who sits in the same course. And, naturally, upon your arrival, apologize for the delay.