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Master of Arts in Communication Studies

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies equips students to work in leading positions offered by the media industries, market and media research organizations, and universities. Rooted in the tradition of the social sciences, the program is two years in duration and commences in the winter semester.

Over the course of their studies, students critically reflect on communication theories by analyzing media structures, political communication processes, the journalistic profession and mass media effects, among others. Following two research modules covering most fields in communication research in the first semester, students deepen their knowledge about a particular issue or method in an intensive, one-year research class stretching over the 2nd and 3rd semesters. This research class is accompanied by three additional media practice courses offered by experienced practitioners. The program concludes with the submission of a MA thesis (6 months).

Applications must reach IfKW by the 15th of June every year. Applicants are required to have a BA degree in the fields of communication studies, media studies, journalism, or Public Relations. Other related fields of study such as social or political sciences and psychology are also pertinent insofar as they contain course work in communication science totaling at least 60 ECTS. Applicants fulfilling the formal requirements will be invited for a test. The 90-minute test generally takes place between the 15th and 31st of July.