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Master of Arts in International Public Relations

The program specifically prepares students for occupations in the professional field of PR, which is characterized by complex interests, high external and internal expectations for success, together with insufficiently questioned assumptions regarding the effects of PR professionals’ communication.

The program is two years in duration and begins in the winter semester. In the course of their studies, students are equipped to apply social-scientific research strategies to problems of everyday work in PR, as well as to contemplate and scrutinize existing approaches and accepted models in the communications and PR sector. The first two semesters, therefore, contain lectures on PR and strategic communication research, intercultural communication and business planning. The third semester consists of a mandatory internship. The program concludes with a mandatory module linking PR theory and practice, and the writing of a MA thesis (20 weeks).

Applications must reach IfKW by the 15th of June every year. Applicants are required to have a BA degree in the fields of communication studies, media studies, journalism, or Public Relations. Other related fields of study such as social sciences, psychology, or management, are also pertinent insofar as they contain course work in communication science totaling at least 60 ECTS. Applicants fulfilling the formal requirements will be invited for a test. The 90-minute test generally takes place between the 15th and 31st of July.