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Research Units

  • Prof Dr Brosius

    Foto Brosius

    Prof Brosius and his team focus on media use and effects, political communication, health communication, and computer-mediated communication. more

  • Prof Dr Fröhlich


    Prof Fröhlich and her team specialise in theoretical and practical questions in the field of public relations, extending to news research, content analysis, and gender-specific aspects of communication and media research. more

  • Prof Dr Hanitzsch

    Foto Hanitzsch

    Prof Hanitzsch and his team focus on public communication, journalism research, comparative methodology, as well as the intersection between journalism, celebrity and entertainment. more

  • Prof Dr Meyen


    The research undertaken by Prof Meyen and his team focuses on the history of the discipline and history of theories, media use, and journalism studies. more

  • Prof Dr Peiser


    Prof Peiser and his team specialise in the structure and development of media systems, economic aspects of mass media, intermedia competition, media use, societal media effects, relations between mass media and social change, and research methodology. more

  • Prof Dr Reinemann


    The analysis, explanation, and assessment of political communication processes and their effects on society are the objectives of Prof Reinemann and his team. more

  • Prof Dr Rieger

    Diana Rieger

    The chair of Prof. Rieger deals with research questions in multiples areas of communication science. more

  • Dr Haßler

    Foto Haßler

    Dr Haßler and his project team analyse processes of digital democratic mobilization in hybrid media systems. more

  • Prof Dr Thurman


    Computational journalism, Audience measurement / media consumption, Digital media practice, Ethnographic and qualitative methods, Media economics and innovation more