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Prof. Dr. Fröhlich

Professor Romy Fröhlich and her team focus on two main research and teaching areas: Public Relations (PR) and the role of media in wars and violent conflicts. In the first area, Public Relations, the team examines a comprehensive range of aspects, including the influence of PR on media coverage, the interplay between journalism and PR, women in PR, PR consulting, political PR, and the effects of persuasive communication. Concerning the second main topic, the role of media in wars and violent conflicts, different research projects center on the media coverage of war and violence, framing, strategic communication, as well as gender sensitive aspects. In this area of research, an international collaborative research project (INFOCORE) is currently under way to investigate the role the media plays in the emergence or prevention, the escalation or de-escalation, and the management, resolution, and reconciliation of violent conflict; it comprises leading experts from all social sciences, and includes nine renowned research institutions from seven countries. Professor Fröhlich’s team uses a wide range of research methods (quantitative as well as qualitative), including surveys, content analysis, interviews, experiments, and automated text analysis.



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department of Media and Communication
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