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Prof. Dr. Meyen

The research undertaken by Professor Michael Meyen and his team focuses on qualitative methods used in a broad range of issues and theoretical perspectives. Research projects are settled on the macro and meso level (comparative media system research, mediatization and media logic, online journalism studies, online media, media and resilience) as well as on the micro level (media use and media literacy). Further studies concentrate on the intersections of media and other social systems and phenomena (media politics; media and sports; and media and popular culture, especially music and film). Other works delve into the history of media and its social effects (collective memory; media in the German Democratic Republic), and the discipline and history of theories. Michael Meyen is editor of a number of research websites (e. g., a biographical encyclopedia of the discipline – with Thomas Wiedemann) and weblogs, regarding mediatization/media logic and resilience (with Maria Karidi and Bianca Kellner-Zotz).


Prof. Dr. Michael Meyen

Prof. Dr. Meyen, Michael

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