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Monitoringsystem und Transferplattform Radikalisierung (MOTRA)

Civil security – Research cluster for early detection, preventions and fighting Islamic extremism

The IFKW is part of the overall project MOTRA that aims to build a monitoring system to detect radicalization process and different forms of extremism as well as their properties.
Project duration: 11/2019 – 10/2024

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It is the aim of the sub-project to measure radicalization processes as well as extremist behavior in digital environments. Especially concerning the conceptualization of the digital impact on radicalization processes, current research is still lacking. Moreover, radical or extremist behavior will not only examined in islamic terms. Instead we will also focus on co-radicalization and on right-wing as well left-wing radicalization processes and extremism. Online co-radicalization will, therefore, also be considered.


In detail, monitoring will be operationalized on three different levels: